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Federal Student Loans are set to go back into Repayment. At this point if you have not already enrolled yourself into a Income Driven Program, you will officially start your Standard Payments on your Federal Student Loans once back in repayment. A Standard Payment equals roughly 1 to 1.5% of your total Federal Student Loan balance. That adds up quickly! (ex: $30,000 debt = approx. $300/month)

However, with an Income Driven Program you qualify for a payment that you can afford. With the outrageous amounts of student loans owed by American's today, enrolling in an Income Driven Program is an affordable way to pay off these loans.

Maybe you're asking yourself, why do I need a document processing company like us? Well I'm glad you asked. Over the last decade Federal Student Loans have been passed to and from servicers with little to zero notice to borrowers. With that comes confusion from these Federal Servicers. These programs require you to file annually, which is something the servicers will not do for you. It is upon you to file properly each year. 


Which is why we are a huge benefit for Federal Student Loan borrowers. We have an affordable monthly service fee that allows our customers to take advantage of our years of experience helping Federal Student Loan Borrowers! 

PLUS! If you were already once a client of ours and have fallen behind on your payments, we can still get you enrolled properly before the Standard Repayment Plans start again. Give us a call now!,

Don't delay any longer. We can help!

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